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Great family fun towable for young kids and adults who want to sit inside a cockpit for a more secure ride. Flex-Form seating allows riders to sit down inside the tube instead of on top. This lowers the center of gravity and keeps it fast and upright on the whips and turns. Flex-Form seating is constructed of a nylon harness to keep the rider's bottoms from hitting the water as well as a layer of 4-way stretch, UV resistant material for added comfort.
  • Secure Form-Fit Cockpit tube

  • Reinforced tow point with Molded EZ tow connector for EZ rope hook-up

  • Secure Form-Fit Cockpit Tube Seating provides comfort and stability in whips and turns

  • 4 double webbing foam handles and 2 flat webbing handles

  • Full nylon cover with heavy duty secure zipper

  • Heavy-duty PVC bladders

  • Zippered valve cover

  • Speed valve for fast inflation and deflation

  • Backed by 1 year warranty